This is my space for writing about whatever mad fever dream pops into my head. Mostly I write about the Chinese Finger Paintings, also known as Anime, but I have in the past been known to write about Children’s Card Games as well.

My last batch of writing burned my motivation out fairly quickly, so I have endevoured to not set such a rigid schedule or large work load in front of me, so that I can keep my motivation for this page strong throughout.

That being said, the target is to  try and get at least one decent length talking point out every week (800-1000 words minimum) but if more happen, well, that’s just a happy day is what that is.

In addition we’ll be looking to hammer out a mini-essay every month as well, on the topic of my choice, starting around mid June. These articles will be anywhere from 4000-10,000 words depending on what I’m talking about.

These are my goals for my blog going forward, and we will be doing our damnedest to keep to it. No promises though.


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