A couple of years ago, I attempted to watch and report on an entire season of anime, from beginning to end. I ended up trailing off within a couple of weeks, losing both passion and a bit of my mental fortitude snapping under the unsolicited fuck-storm of Diabolik Lovers’s first season.

And oh yeah, it got a second season last year. I haven’t watched it, because I’m insane not suicidal and, whoop. Here come the flashbacks.

How I Learned to Hate

But that was a while ago now, and with how much I have been writing lately in addition to a LOT of time between me and 2013, I am wanting to come back to this with the Summer Season 2017, and murder my sanity with (Apparently) Nazi Loli’s,Yowamushi Pedal but No Boys Allowed, way too many shows by JC Staff and an almost ludicrous amount of Idol Shows.

Honestly, for a season of anime, it seems pretty tame.

So how does this work? Well, I will watch the show on the day its airing, having the write up ready to go for the episode the day after. My schedule will slowly be pieced together as new shows air, and I’ll throw that up on the front page.

I will not be covering sequels or stuff with pre-existing, commercial animation. So no Blue Exorcist sequel and, unfortunately, no Little Witch Academia. I mean, I’m still very much going to watch LWA, because it’s production studio hits everyone of my Triggers, most all of the time, but no write ups.

Our first write up will be in about a weeks time, though before hand I hope to finish Keijo and write something on it’s last episode, but most importantly, I will definitely have a full write up and look at Diamond is Unbreakable ready for New Year’s Eve.

But beyond that, I’ll see you next week at the starting line of the SUMMER 2017 FUCK ME-a-THON with the first episode of… the Akiba’s Trip adaptation.

Oh God Fucking Damn It

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