158556Oh boy, if this wasn’t as average as unbuttered toast, then I am a dolphin. Spoiler warning: I am not, in fact a dolphin.

So Masamune-Kun’s Revenge tells of a young man, who was once a spoiled rich kid with a bit too much pudge around his guts, who is now all grown up and ripped. Unfortunately, muscles do not in fact make someone a good person, and I would very much like to see someone smack Masamune upside his smug head.

Hell, the whole show is essentially assholes trying to get one over on all the other assholes, while simultaneously chasing the biggest asshole of them all, Aki Adagaki, aka the Cruel Princess.

A girl who flat out rejects someone, from the top of a building, by dropping a goddamn banner from the roof, labelling him as Moleo.

~Shining / Justice / Burning in Me~

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the guy wasn’t a pain or anything, in his brief 2
minutes on screen the only redeeming thing he did was strike a JoPose, the rest of it was him preening like some sort of idiotic peacock, but she culls anyone who shows even the slightest attraction to her. Moleo, Pudding Prince and, as the set up to the whole story, she dubbed Masamune Pig’s Foot when they were younger, forever declaring that she could never have feelings for him.

And this, little tidbit reveals the whole premise of the show in a nutshell. Masamune got his act together, lost weight, got good at sports and maintained high grades all so that he could appear in front of Adagaki one more time, and undermine her declaration. Making her fall head over heels for the boy she once dubbed Pig’s Foot.

YEAH! Monte Cristo, Biyatch!

Do It For Him.

Of course all of this is undermined within the last minute or so, as a slip of paper falls from Massey’s locker, baited out by the best, and so far only likeable, character in the show as a love letter. It instead has two simple words printed on it.

Pig’s Foot.

The show isn’t terrible, but it undermines it’s dramatic tension immediately by disabusing us of any mystery on Adagaki’s part, going instead for a Comedy tone instead. Which is a shame, because something like this could have been very easily been great. Just because we know Masamune’s plots and his motivations, doesn’t necessarily make for bad story telling, House of Cards indulges in its main character turning to the audience in sly soliloquy, making us complicit in his plans.

Like So.

I dunno, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here, and in fairness, I wasn’t expecting much from this show to begin with, so on that front at least, it’s doing it’s job.


Well I do like Pudding. 6/10 for this one, it would probably be sitting about a 4 or a 5, if not for the music. Overblown and Bombastic for, what is at its heart, just another stock standard High School Drama. I love it.


Masumune-kun’s Revenge is available for streaming on Crunchyroll


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