82890lI thought I was ready for this, I really did.

Light Novel Adaptation? Okay, they’re going to happen anyway, let’s just be thankful we can smash it out nice and early. Nazi Lolita? Sure, I’ve seen worse concepts be legitimately endearing *cough*Keijo.*cough* So I thought I knew what to expect, thought I was ready for what lay in store.

And then the Nazis were flying.

Okay, to be fair, they aren’t actually Nazis. The Fatherland they’re fighting for seems to be more of a Russian flavour than a German one. They even brought Stalin out, not that they call him Stalin, because of course, this is no way, shape or form represents real life events, locations or people.

The problem I face here, more than anything else, is that I actually kind of dug this. From the animation, to the music and especially the setting. While it isn’t quite so explicitly graphic about it, the show doesn’t balk at showing just how war can burn down on people, as seen through our POV character, Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov.

Or Vicky for Short

The best part of the episode is that very little happens. The story is a personal one, which goes so much further to sell the show than if it had dove headfirst into a sludge of exposition and world building. Most of the charm is heavily complimented by the fact that Tanya isn’t actually our POV character, instead we’re on the outside looking in at her vicious patriotism, which is fantastic, although I’m not so sure just how much longevity this idea has past the first episode and I’m a bit unsure how exactly it can keep up it’s steam beyond flipping Tanya into a villain and then having Vicky shoving a magic bullet through the tiny child’s face.

Not much else to say, really. Go watch it dudes.


I am the Bullet of My Nation. 8/10 I dig this, but I’m not confident in this show keeping momentum on the idea of Tanya alone. But I do want it to succeed, sincerely so, which is not something I thought I would be saying before this aired. Go Figure. 




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