82861I don’t particularly dislike cute girl shows, there is credit and worth to be found within something that has no more of a mission statement than showing you something to make your teeth rot, through sheer sweetness, and by that measure, Urara Meirochou does a fairly decent job of it. For all of a minute before the credits, after which it goes forward and drops the ball and overdoes the cute by a wide margin.

In saying that, the show was facing trouble from me in the first place, being that cute for cutes sake isn’t really my jam, especially seeing as K-On sets the bar so high for this kind of show and, even then, through personal bias alone, I’d probably set K-On at a 6 or a 7, just because of the nature of the production. It takes things slow, introduces us to the girls at a sedate pace, leaving room for character growth and the various quirks of them to get us smiling without really trying. It comes off as really freaking natural about it.

This is the thing that Urara doesn’t seem to grasp, because as soon as the opening credits end, we’re thrown into the deep end of characters and antics at a rapid fire pace, jokes wear thin within a hot second, as the jokes are both yelled at us and thrust into the camera again and again and again. It’s so exhausting, that at the 12 minute mark I was already done, thinking I had hit the end of the episode.

If We show enough Boob, We don’t need to worry about Character Depth, right?

This is the first recurring gag to show up, our main girl showing off her belly in deference, because she’s essentially Japanese Mowgli and has no idea how humans function. Over the course of the next 5 minutes, she goes on to show her own stomach two more times as well as forcing her views on 2 other girls, ripping off their clothes when they apologise, not understanding basic human interaction.

This action and misunderstanding almost ends up getting Mowgli and her 2 new friends banished from the town for indecency (no trial or fact checking, just piss off ya slags) and as soon as we’re introduced to the first thin thread of actual plot and struggle in this show, its snatched away by yet ANOTHER new character.

It also does this when its introducing new characters, framing them with these godawful borders, that do nothing but distract the eye. See, I know what they’re doing, they’re trying to frame these girls with bright colours and pretty plants to make you go “D’awwww, look’it dem cootie patooties, d’awwwww.” Emotional manipulation at its finest, and a pretty ever-present trick of low quality moe shows. Of course, all story telling is emotional manipulation, but if K-on is Traditional Italian Lasagne, then Urara is tinned meatballs, if that metaphor carries through.


Life Advice at its best. 2/10; Urara Meirouchou is not a good show, but I signed up for the entire series I suppose. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.



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