83471The only thing I dislike more than Cute Girls doing Cute Things tends to be base fan-service shows (Just go and make porn, christ) and Harem shows, where a million girls circle around 1 guy, as if if his dick holds the secret sauce of immortality itself.

It doesn’t help that, for the most part, the comedy either falls flat or is simply old jokes, thrown into the mix because these are the gags that harem shows have, right?

So it’s with that in mind that, I kind of found myself liking Seiren in spite of myself.

Now don’t get wrong here, that’s not to say that Seiren is amazing, game changing or that its story is even interesting, because haha, no. But what it seems to be pulling off fairly well is its gags, the comedy is pretty solid and the way that the characters play off of each other has given me some of the biggest laughs outside of Keijo!!!!!!!! in the last few months.

Said Every MOBA Player Ever

But the story is ultimately predictable as the heat death of the universe. I already know that Tsuneki is going to be the main girl at the end of it. Maybe the sister character will swerve and not be in love with her brother, as Japan is so fond of writing that particular character, but I only say that because she’s a Big Sister as opposed to a Little one. (Thanks for popularising that trope OreImo) Also they are actually blood related, so lots more issues with that then the usual handwaved “Oh, but we’re not blood related so its okay.”

Main Character Dude is about as Milk Toast as they come and, at the very beginning of the episode, I was getting a very strong Shirou Emiya vibe from him.

“So you want to do something that makes people happy?”

“Ayup” Nothing wrong with that, but it was just a bit jarring is all. Actually, speaking of Fate/Stay Night, much like the Studio Deen adaptation of that show, Seiren’s Visual Novel roots come through pretty starkly in a couple of scenes, which is fine, I suppose. Its not like this is an action show, so it can get away with that.


Butts, because its a Harem Show. 7/10, not bad actually, for what it is. Solid jokes make up for a lacklustre amount of original thought. Go give it a watch.



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