186209There is a lot to be said for how you introduce your characters. If you fumble the initial introduction, it could be enough to get someone to drop your show before it goes anywhere.

It’s part of why I dropped Watamote, the introduction to the main character wasn’t great and then there was really nothing else to show growth of her as a character, and I feel like I probably would have abandoned Fuuka within a hot minute after the introduction of our main girl alone.

I get it, really I do. You’re embarrassed and more than a little offended at the idea that some rando off the streets has gone and taken a panty shot of you, it makes sense, yeah? So at this point, in front of a whole lot of witnesses, you ask for the phone and check the photo gallery. See if that indeed did happen, delete the photo, hand back the phone and slap a bitch.


Reason, what is that and why would I want to exercise it?

So yes, in a fit of impulsive rage, she simply snatches the phone and Lonely Islands it straight into the ground.

vlcsnap-2017-01-13-17h37m36s369It happens again the next day, although this time he actually took a photo, not so much focussed on up-skirt so much as it was on a tranquil moment (And I’ll be Billy Bass, if it isn’t a well framed shot) he just happened to catch a flash of white on the breeze, so this time, when she’s reasonable about the affair and demands to see the phone, as opposed to just going full nutso again, he’s just as unwilling to hand the phone over.

So shenanigans ensue, she chases him to the edge of the school roof, and my suspension of disbelief is completely shattered, as the phone is dropped at least 5 stories and, the next day, shows up completely intact.

I’m sorry show, but that is not how smart phones work.

Admittedly, once these two scenes finished, I started actually getting into it. The date was, all said and done, kind of charming (Although the shit antics in front of the Dog Statue were very much shit antics) and the last minute of banter between Main Dude and Fuuka are straight up endearing.

So yeah, fuck it, this show isn’t breaking any new ground and it really did a piss poor job of introducing the main girl, but I’ll give it the bear minimum of a second chance and see where we go from here.


Me too Fuuka, me too. 6/10 I’m giving this a second chance to get me invested, don’t let me down.



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