82560Another day, another magical girl show. Between this, Urara and Little Witch Academia it seems to be the season for it.

Luckily for this, it isn’t simply Cute Girls do Cute Things, although there certainly is elements of that, but instead bills itself almost as a Sentai show instead, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger / Power Rangers Samurai probably being the closest parallel to be found so far, what with the demons invading the real world from an alternate to dimension to… Well, we don’t really know what they want to do. Hell, there’s a line towards of the episode, after the girls are transported to where the otherworlders are popping up, one of the girls says that she always feels weird when they get teleported to the otherworld. So, the creatures aren’t invading your world, but instead a dead world where you’re teleported to in order to kill them all.

But there are no people in this alternate reality, so really you’re jumping into this dead world and killing these otherworldly creatures in what, at this point, is essentially their home.

I hate this Thing and want to Dropkick it into the Sun

Okay, so does that mean that this world you’re transporting them to is a border reality between your world and the creature’s world, so why are their buildings in this world then?

Is it because it looks cool to have the monster fights in an urban setting, but you don’t want to deal with that ever pesky problem of collateral damage?

I think its because it looks cool to have the monster fights in an urban setting, but you didn’t want to deal with the ever pesky problem of collateral damage.

But fuck it, I probably just put more effort into figuring out this fictional world than its writers did when, ultimately, its just a way to show off hot girls killing things and the plot and world of the show are essentially secondary to that primary goal.

Shower Scenes are Important to Developing Characters.

It does do some things okay, like introducing us to our main characters, instead of someone rattling off a stat screen, each girl’s name is established during a fight scene. The team leader calling out to them as it comes to their moment to contribute to the plan of attack.

The leader than introduced as she has a close shave with danger, as her team calls out in panic. It’s not all that revolutionary, but it’s better than a lot of things and it’s absolutely no Naruto introduction on the roof scene. Which is nice.


Ugh, its not even dumb fun, its just dumb. 4/10. If Urara Meicrouchou is J.C. Staff at its worst, then Schoolgirl Striker: Animation Channel is them at their most mediocre.



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