83395Being derivative doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Human Beings as a species have been around a long time and have been telling stories to each other for just as long.

So when I say that Hand Shakers takes a lot of its cues from the Fate/Series, I don’t want that to come off as insulting. Even though the similarities between both Shirou Emiya and Tazuna, our Main Character here in HS, are incredibly stark, right down to the visual cues of their abilities, I still think Handshakers does enough differently to differentiate itself from Fate/.

The primary thing is that I think Studio GoHands has finally managed to crack the code on making CG in anime look good, and by good I mean, holy shit I wasn’t aware a human person could drool this much and not dehydrate themselves.

Oh, right. The bowling balls.

Look, I have nothing against fan service, I mean Jesse C. on a Goddamn Tree, Keijo was one of my favourite things of last year and both Kill la Kill and the Monogatari Series will forever circle around the top of my favourite anime of all time list, but here the boobs are just so ridiculous, in a story that is very much supposed to be taken as serious. Which isn’t something I can do when the chesticles are bouncing around like we’re they were animated in a Dead or Alive Physics engine.


I don’t know how that isn’t supposed to take me out of it, because these character models are goddamn gorgeous. The clothes and accessories all lovingly detailed, and you’re losing yourself in the art and the fantastically trippy visuals and then, oh look, she’s stomping on her crotch to, I guess summon more magical power from her as she orgasms deeply.

The fuck of it is that its such a small part of the episode, probably only about 10% all said and done, but what is there is so jarring, I can’t really get over it, which is sad. Because everything else about this (Besudes Tazuna himself) is so effective, the visuals are stunning, nailing the CG aesthetic, making Berserk (2016) look even worse than we thought it could be. The audio is minimal, but every time it swells in is evocative as all hell, nailing the emotional arrow straight into my cold, deadened heart, and carrying on from ACCA, the camera work on display is phenomenal, framing every single shot with skilled precision.

Each one of those Monitors is Individually Animated. Do you understand how hard that is to pull off in a non-static image? *Sploosh*

What I’m saying here is that this is a really good show, and if you can get past the ridiculous tit physics on display (Rititulous, you could say) this is genuinely a very strong show, but for me, those boobs really bounce my immersion, and I can’t get past the non-diegetic nature of them.


We Called it Unlimited Blade Works. 7/10 my hang ups are knocking this down a whole point, which is disappointing, but is what it is I suppose. On the other flip of the dick, Berserk 2017 has no excuses to look anything but good now. 


(So. Damned. Pretty)


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