138919For these little write ups, I’m jotting down notes as I go. I don’t use everything I’ve written down in them, to do so would mean adding significantly more words to the write up and, in turn, morphing what is, ultimately, an immediate reactions post into a full up review, which is not what I want out of these shitty little pieces about the Japanimes.

But, just for Kobayashi, I want to share my notes, because, as far as I’m concerned, they represent a wonderful little microcosm of just how I feel about this show.

Fun game, try to see if you can’t spot exactly where my frustration bubbles over into full blown rage.

Spoiler Warning, I don’t particularly like this show

A dragon lands at a Salary-Woman’s front door one morning, claiming that she wants to be her maid, but that isn’t important, because the whole damn thing is simply here to play everyone’s favourite game, Pander to the Otakus at all costs. Sense, character, plot? Nah, fuck ’em, this dragon is in love with this human because… She saved her life?

No, fuck it. I’m doing that thing where I throw more thought into a property than even the creators did and this show is not worth it, because there’s nothing to it. No substance, all sugar, except it isn’t good sugar. It’s black liquorice, and it tastes like tar.

Undermining Yourself does not Make You Good

Really, what else is there to say at this point, there is nothing redeeming about this show, there are no likeable characters whatsoever and when they try to inject something resembling plot into the mix, I’m just reminded about what kind of show this is and the dissonance is so great I can feel it as my neck cracks. I suppose, if nothing else, this show doesn’t offend me, so points there I guess?


See, now I just want to read up on my Norse Mythology. 0/10 There is absolutely nothing redeeming to be found here and I’ve signed up to watch the entire show.

Why do I do things?



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