83518This is, first and foremost, a kids show. So Its not going to be anything too mind blowing. No hidden themes, no breathtaking story twists or anything else of that nature, but in terms of kids shows, I feel like its a much, much better alternative to, say, Dora the Explorer or Teletubbies. Not hard bars to clear, certainly, but still deserves to be mentioned.

This story exists to teach kids about animals and how, even though we squishy humans can’t fly like birds or climb good like cats, but even you have amazing talents. Like the ability to make paper planes! That’s an amazing skill that can save the day, we swear!

So, what kicks off the story? Well, a young Serval Girl (And they’re all cute girls, so whatever) runs into a new “friend”, a young girl who doesn’t know who, what or where she is.

So, they journey out from the Savannah together, Serval and the newly dubbed Bag-Chan, to the great library beyond the jungle area, to find out just what kind of animal she is.

Gotta be It.

On their way to the jungle area, they learn about the mysterious Ceruleans, who aren’t Friends, and are the only threat in this world (Because apparently carnivores don’t exist or don’t follow their instincts, I guess?) and meet Friend thicc-gurl Hippo who is a thundering bitch.


From there, they go onto the Jungle Area’s gate, where they fight a giant EYE with paper planes, and finally cross into the jungle, one step closer to the Park’s Library and one step closer to finding out what kind of Friend Bag-Chan is.


Well, I’ve got no fucking clue what she could be. 7/10, this isn’t made for me, but as a kids show its fine. The CG is bad though, which is a shame because I do really like the character designs.



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