83624Idol shows like to think that they are their own little thing, but ultimately they are just another version of the cute girls doing cute things formula, only with more singing, which is fine. That’s perfectly fine, but it just helps me stress that this kind of thing isn’t usually my cup of tea, and when I say that, I mean I actually kind of hate Love Love and others of its ilk, to the point of parody.

Which I guess makes it strange that I kind of just watched the first episode of this and went, “Eh.”

The basic premise of this show is that in a time of economic ruin and other such issues, when suddenly they were saved by Goddesses descended from on high, the Idol Dietwoman, (I’m not entirely sure of that translation) who it seems are a Political party, which, kay. Sure, that is exactly who we need running this supposedly  poverty stricken Japan. (Not that we ever really see evidence of that.)


I suppose like all other Idol shows, nothing particularly matters up until the episodes music scene, which is good, nice song, decent enough choreography if you’re willing to overlook some choppy CG and magical Aura powers, you know standard stuff.

But what keeps weirding me out about this, is they keep dropping in these hints of plot, while insisting that these Idol Diet Woman are going to help bring Japan back into an economic stability. (Though I see no evidence to support this throughout the episode, if anything the opposite seems to be true)

They even go so far as to drop in foreshadowing of an actual, hand-to-god, villain. I wasn’t aware Idol Shows were allowed to have those.


So with all these little hints towards building a plot beyond, “There’s this thing we need to preform at to save our school or whatever” you need to actually have some substance to the rest of your silly Idol Show beyond the musical money shot. But nope, none of that on show whatsoever.


Sorry, I bit my tongue. 4/10, Pretty Milk Toast but not offensive and I did like the song at the end, even if one song makes for a pretty shitty concert.



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