I know what I said.

Episode 8 of Armed Girls is out, and its all about dealing with the fallout of episodes 7 and 8. Problems are solved, tangents are set up for future conflicts and the comedy is still really good.

Good Gags? Yuuuup.

But I just want to continue on from last week, in saying that the only reason these jokes work and the story flows so well is because of Nomura himself and how he continues to still be the best protagonist I have ever encountered in a Harem show, and what evidence do I provide this week?

Well, a couple of episodes ago, his roommate chose to drug his food, so that the latest abuse victim for the harem pile can enact her dastardly plan to get his 2 closest benefactor’s to turn on Nomura and get the boy expelled.

We’ve heard nothing from him for a few weeks, so with the set up of this episode, we know that it should be coming, and in the last minute or so, its comes, it resolves and its done.

And its probably the best emotional payoff of the episode.


 Nomura walks in, fully intending to not bring it up. He’s already forgiven the dumb lump, so feels no need to talk about it.

The first few times Masukodera tries to bring it up, Nomura ignores the issue, until Masukodera brings up the idea that he’s a bad person. He did a terrible thing, and should be punished for it.

Nomura swerves though, acknowledging that, yeah, he got served roofies by the one guy he should be able to trust in the school. But at the same time, he acknowledges that it was most likely in an attempt to protect every other boy there in the dorm, and that isn’t the actions of a bad guy, in fact, that guy is probably a pretty good friend.

In just under a minute (54 seconds) the conflict is done without any giant screaming matches, there’s no heartfelt crying and people blubbering that they’re sorry and there’s no one whinging “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY PAIN, NARUTO!” (Huh, where did that come from?)

They end up sorting through their shit like normal people. Nomura cuts through the melodrama, and that’s pretty neat.


Armed Girls Machiavellism is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.



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