Quick Update

Still alive.

The last month or so has been me taking a step back and looking at my schedule for things and balking a bit. So know that we’ve not given up, just rejiggered the format a little bit.

So we’ll be back next Monday to slam out our back log and get ahead on the first couple of shows that kickstarted this little experiment.

See you then.


Earning That Tagline: Scott Ramsoomair Has Got Nothing on Me!

So I disappeared for a while. I mean, I say a while, but 9 months seems a lot longer than that.

Not that, what, my 2 followers will particularly care of course. In the grand scheme of things, I was probably no more than a soother of very mild boredom.

But hey, I’m back again, and going to attempt to offer some quality content more than 3 times a year, in a small 4 month block before disappearing for 9 months to do it all over again.

I mean, maybe. I don’t rightly know, if I’m being completely honest.


From Wednesday the 23rd of September I am going to try to keep to a once a week update schedule, clocking in anywhere between 12am and 11:59pm Wednesday, Brisbane Time.

Hopefully having a schedule will keep me up to date.