The Constantly Breaking Narrative of Taylor Swift

The Constantly Breaking Narrative of Taylor Swift

I’ve been looping this for the last hour, after first seeing it a couple of days ago, and I don’t know if I genuinely like it as a song or am invested specifically because of the deliciously decadent ego-stroking Tay-Swozza is giving herself for the duration of the music video.

Now, let’s be very clear, I am by no means someone who knows much anything about Tizzle Swizzle, I am aware of her songs, but for the life of me I couldn’t name you a song of hers from before “Shake It Off,” which, spoilers, I despise with the fury of a thousand suns, even if it did get us Gangsta Gurl Tee-Sweef.

If ever there was Proof of God, this is it

But I bring up “Shake It Off” for a very specific reason, because that was a track that was all about taking on all of the mean things people say, letting the “h8ters” scream themselves bloody with all of the worst things a person could say, and then just letting it roll off of your diamond coated back. (Geddit? Cause… Cause she’s rich.)

And that’s cool, its fine, but then Tah Sha released “Blank Space” as a single as well, which was all about her talking about how she churns through relationships faster than Han ran the Kessel, which was directly responding to gossip and slander about her Maninizing (?) ways, breaking the narrative of “Shake It Off” just a wee bit. She then went on to break the narrative of Blank Space by claiming in an interview that it was just a joke, a story about the SUPPOSED persona of Tay Sway as written and developed by the public, which no, it wasn’t. Stop cheapening your writing by claiming it’s a joke.

But even if we take that interview as gospel, thereby repairing the narrative of “Shake It Off”, T.S. Elliot’s next single, “Bad Blood”, specifically focuses in on the supposed shit slinging between her and Katy Perry over the schedule of a back up… dancer? Christ’s Combustion, that’s stupid.

So once again “Shake It Off’s” narrative is broken by Tayter Tot’s own writing, which, once is unfortunate, twice is embarrassing but three times? That’s just good comedy, dude.

So, to swing back to the song that brought me here in the first place, “Look What You Made Me Do” is the lead single off of Gotta Go Swift’s upcoming album Reputation and, to me it plays like a much better version of “Shake It Off”.

“Shake It Off” came of as a vanilla cheer squad chant, the kind of thing a 16 year old would write. There’s no real punch to the words, but “Look What You…” swerves those issues, adding a bit more of Taylor’s personality into the lyrics and maybe even a slice of her actual human feelings into it as well. The chorus is a monotone garbage pile, though. No saving that.

The parallel to “Shake It Off” is important though, because it gets me pumped and primed to see Taylor tell the exact same joke she did across “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood.”

And I think that, more than anything, might be why I like “Look What You Made Me Do” as much as I do, because it’s got me set up for that sweet, tasty punchline.


Okay, so maybe not as weekly as I would like. Inspiration has been hard. (He Says after churning out 500 words about Taylor Fucking Swift)
I’ll try to pull it back together going forward.