Stand By Me: Future Fantasies

Stand By Me: Future Fantasies

So the Episode Prompto DLC for Final Fantasy XV dropped a few weeks ago, and I figured what better time to talk about the DLC structure. That in mind I’m not here today to talk about the perceived quality of Square-Enix’s latest entry in its flagship series, that’s an entirely subjective point. Although, considering I have sunk just over 150 hours into this video game as of my completion of Episode Prompto, I feel like for me, it’s been worth the money spent.

What am I Doing With My Life?

But Square is doing something curious with XV, in that it seems to have a plan in place to provide long term support to the game, to keep players returning for months, if not years, to come.

This is already evident in the releases of Episodes Gladiolus, Prompto and the to be released Ignis, story based DLC being slowly released over the course of this year as well as the survey they had up for June, asking players exactly what kind of DLC they would like to see in the future.

Which is cool, I like that a company is looking to support a single player game for a while, it makes me think that this might even be the only mainline Final Fantasy title we get this generation, telling stories within the world of Eos for most of this gaming generation.

And unlike with XIII, that statement doesn’t fill me with dread.

It Hurts So Good~

But at the same time, I look at the provided list, and a lot of that story content doesn’t seem supplemental, in fact it seems almost essential. Which is also the issues with Episodes GPI. They tell stories that occur DURING the main narrative of the story, with consequences within that impact the narrative being told.


Lunafreya’s place in the story always felt more than a little truncated, but in that survey list is an option for “Story Content: Lunafreya’s Activities” which, I’m sorry, but most of the middle part of the plot hinges on the comings and goings of everyone’s favourite Oracle. This feels like it should be in the game to begin with.

The adventures of Cor “Mother-Loving” Leonis on the other hand, can easily slide in as something supplemental, same with Ardyn’s backstory, which we get enough of in the main game to tell us exactly what is going on with him, but to add on a buttload of additional scenes and perhaps even a Founding-of-Lucis playable segment, that feels like something that adds to the world, without feeling like it SHOULD have been in the main game.

Stealer of Crystals and Hearts.

The best thing in all of the online content that’s currently available though, probably has to be the Timed Quests, offering up unique creature encounters for you to murder your way through, as well as unique prizes to buy with points earned from the quests, including a Great Sword in the shape of a mother flippin’ mixing deck!

Looking for a Beatdown?

I still think that this method of continued support could ultimately be a good thing, so long as the extra content provided really feels like its EXTRA content. For now I’m enjoying the stuff that XV has added so far (With the exception of Snow Mobiles and the Score Attack in Episodes Prompto and Gladio respectively) and I look forward to seeing what Square decides to give us in the months, and potentially, years to come.